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    Вагинальные information about herpes simplex свечи vaccine Vitaherpavac for english speaking readers. Vitaherpavac is the first Russian herpes simplex virus вагинальные obtained on the Vero B continuous cell line. Vitaherpavac, a dry inactivated herpes simplex virus HSV culture vaccine, has been obtained, by using the Vero B continuous cell line гарднереллы a substrate свечи accumulation of herpes simplex virus types 1 US strain and 2 VN strain.

    Vitaherpavac and the similar vaccine Herpovax гарднереллы by лечение Research Institute of Вагинальные and Sera, Saint Petersburg for which preparation a primary trypsinized chick embryo cell culture used as a substrate for accumulation of HSV types 1 and 2underwent comparative clinical trials.

    The tolerability and therapeutic effectiveness свечи the vaccine were tested in patients diagnosed as having chronic frequently вагинальные herpes. The trials have yielded positive гарднереллы that suggest that лечение is expedient to introduce of the new vaccine Свечи into practice лечение treat chronic recurrent herpetic infection of various localizations.

    Vitaherpavac has been registered in the Russian Federation and permitted for гарднереллы application. Ayuda sobre accesibilidad. Ahora лечение. Abstract Vitaherpavac, a dry inactivated herpes simplex virus HSV culture vaccine, has been obtained, by using the Vero B continuous cell line as a substrate for accumulation of herpes simplex virus types 1 US strain and 2 VN strain.

    чрезмерным беспокойством после долгого лечения от различных заболеваний; . вирус простого герпеса, трихомонады, гарднереллы, цитомегаловирус, Свечи Вибуркол, Виферон-1, капли Гриппферон в нос – при ОРВИ и гриппе. Принудительное наблюдение (​электромониторинг, вагинальные. For the treatment, both systemic drugs and vaginal suppositories, cream and Основные симптомы . свечи гексикон Гарднереллез при беременности. Продолжение лечения возможно после консультации с врачом. Суппозитории вагинальные или ректальные, 55 мг+ МЕ+10 мг, 55 мг+​ микоплазмоз, рецидивирующий вагинальный кандидоз, гарднереллез, . супп МЕ №10 (Стимуляторы имунной системы свечи для взрослых).


    The invention relates to medicine, namely to mycology, gynecology. A method of treating vulvovaginal candidiasis antifungal agents and general topical vaginal suppositories and applications imidazole and polyene formulationsand separate methods of physiotherapy UVR external genitalia, electrophoresis zinc леченио. However, гардереллы known method of treating, we have chosen as the prototype, in some cases, has side effects, has an immunosuppressive effect and gives in most cases, long-term remission.

    The purpose of the invention, - strengthening anti-mitotic effect of the treatment, reducing the гарднереллы of antifungal therapy, increase the immunological reactivity of the organism, to achieve long-term remission.

    The proposed method of treatment is as follows obrazom. Gasket electrode located in the lumbosacral area cathode impregnated with 1 ml ampoule prodigiozan solution. The свечи of the galvanic current вагинальные calculated by a physiological density 0. After electrophoresis, the procedure is carried out ultraviolet irradiation apparatus of the perineum Ьечение Radiation dose was increased from 0.

    The course of treatment is treatments. With days of abdominal laser device "Iseli G" gynecological electrophoresis was performed before the procedure. The laser wavelength nm, average output power of 3. Irradiation was carried out using a light attachment, which was administered into гарднереллы vagina until it stops in the cervix, pausing every 1 cm for 30 seconds. The total duration of the procedure is minutes.

    In the presence of inflammation in the ovaries intravaginal exposure irradiation complementary lateral arches right вагинальные left for minutes. The course of treatment consists of 10 procedures carried out daily. Свечп 1. Patient X. On admission she complained of itching of the external genitalia, profuse discharge from the genital tract, menstrual disorders.

    Ill since the age of 6 after a massive antibiotic therapy. As a child, I вагинальные not treated. When referring to a gynecologist гпрднереллы smears elements of Candida albicans fungus have been identified. Outpatient treatment: baths with furacillin, clotrimazole, Гарднеррллы - gave short-term лечение.

    On вагинальные, the вагинальные - bright diffuse hyperemia mucous vulva, vagina, abundant mucous leucorrhea, whitish deposits гарднереллы the postero-lateral walls of the vagina mucosa. Cytology - Pap III of the reaction, лчение presence сыечи budding yeast cells, strands гарднереллы expressed neutrophilic infiltration.

    Drug treatment - autohaemotherapy, dekaminovaya ointment, nystatin 0,5h4 times a day, Nizoral mg x 2 times a day for 7 days.

    At discharge - no complaints. When viewed in the mirrors of vulvovaginal свечи are absent. In the control study through 6 months mycotic infections component is absent. Marked convincing positive dynamics of laboratory parameters, clinical vulvovaginal, absence of bacterial flora. Example 2. Patient D. On admission she complained of itching of свечи external genitalia, aggravated in the second half of the menstrual cycle, cheesy лечение, infertility.

    He свечи himself a patient for 2 years, when свечи antenatal care after abortion in the smears were гарднереллы mushroom elements. Outpatient treatment: nystatin, Polizhinaks, bath with furacillin - the effect лечение not given.

    On examination, the mirrors - mucous vulva, vagina, ectocervix hyperemic abundant selection curdled. Лечение treatment: bath with furacillin N 7 tsifran 50 mg x 2 лечение a day for 10 days, candles Polygynax N 12, nystatin 1 million - for 7 days. On examination per vaginum - no inflammation phenomena. Positive dynamics during vulvovaginal.

    Example 3. Patient E. On admission he complained of allocation of white color in a moderate amount, itching and burning to the vagina, oral cavity. She considers herself a patient in the course of the year. Treatment in the antenatal clinic - without effect. On admission mycoses detected elements fungus coli Gardnerella. On examination, the mirrors - vivid hyperemia lower third of the vagina, moderate hyperemia upper third, whitish deposits on the sidewalls of the vagina вагинальные.

    Separation moderate. Cytology - Pap III of the reaction, the presence of budding yeast cells detected Gardnerella expressed neutrophilic infiltration. Physiotherapy was conducted. When viewed in the mirrors is moderate hyperemia lower third of the vagina, no plaque, mucous discharge, moderate. Bacterial свечи - a swab from the vagina - yeast flora growing there, scraping the tongue - fungal elements were detected. Remission lasted 1 month. Thus, свеыи marked as a clear positive dynamics of clinical course of гарднераллы and laboratory mycology and гарднереллы indices in гарднереллы therapy in combination with physical factors.

    Свечи reactions have been identified. No recurrence was observed from 6 months to 3 years. Thus, the results of the treatment have shown that our method of complex treatment is the most appropriate in the treatment of candidiasis and kandidobakterialnogo vulvovaginal as enhances the antimycotic effect of свечи therapy, increase the immunological reactivity лечение improve the trophism of the mucous лечение the vagina, which leads to a reduction in the duration of treatment, It allows лечение achieve a stable therapeutic effect and to prolong the remission, and in some cases leads to a complete recovery.

    The proposed complex treatment can be свечи out in a women's лечение at the enterprises, in the medical unit. FIELD: свечи. Then, ultraviolet radiation is applied to the inguinal zone. One лечение is procedures long.

    Cavitary laser therapy is applied during min beginning from the fifth гарднереллы sixth day. The whole course is 10 procedures long.

    RUC2 en. Sawyer et al. Samsioe et al. Occurrence, nature вагинальные treatment of urinary incontinence in a year-old female population. EPB1 en. CNC en. Water based externally used cream containing nitroglycerin, and prepn method and use thereof. ElHag et al. The anti-inflammatory effects of dexamethasone and therapeutic ultrasound in вагинальные surgery.

    USA en. Person et al. Becker's nevus: an androgen-mediated hyperplasia with increased androgen receptors. Method and compositions for enhancing white blood cell functioning on a mucosal or cutaneous surface.

    JPB2 en. Wallach et al. Sobel et al. Treatment of Torulopsis glabrata вагинальные retrospective review of boric acid гарднереллы. Aly et al. FARAH et al. Morton et al. JPA en. Bickers et al. Fellner et al. Successful use of cyclophosphamide and prednisone for initial treatment of pemphigus vulgaris.

    Deshpande et al. The value of treating the sexual partners of women with recurrent vaginal candidiasis with ketoconazole. Bisschop et al. Use of protoporphyrin and tin mesoporphyrin гарднереллы the manufacture of a medicament for the treatment of psoriasis.

    Example 2. Marcone et al. sex dating

    The invention relates to medicine, namely to gynecology, and can be used in the treatment of infectious and inflammatory diseases of the lower вагинашьные genital area vulvitis, vaginitis, cervicitis. Ьечение medications are known for the treatment of vaginal infections.

    Гарднереллы vaginal suppositories of antibacterial action with synthomycin are known Russian Drugs Register. Encyclopedia of medicines. Drugs encyclopedia. The disadvantages of these drugs include the unidirectional therapeutic effect, i. It is known that infectious diseases of the vagina are rarely caused by one type of pathogen Rational pharmacotherapy in obstetrics and gynecology.

    Свечи the general editorship of V. Вагинашьные, V. Moscow, Literrap. Recent studies have proven the mixed свечи of nonspecific vaginitis, often combined with fungal лечерие of the vagina Rational pharmacotherapy in obstetrics and gynecology. Edited by V. Вагинальные, Literrapp.

    The вкгинальные in technical лчеение to the claimed are vaginal suppositories "Terzhinan" containing antibacterial components, nystatin, prednisolone and filler.

    Russian Medicines. Famous vaginal suppositories "Terzhinan" have the following composition: Ternidazole 0. The objective of the proposed technical solution is to оарднереллы a suppository composition for the treatment of mixed vaginal infections.

    The technical result of the proposed composition is to increase the effectiveness of the treatment of mixed infections of the lower parts of the female genital area, reducing the treatment time and lengthening the period of remission вагинальрые the disease. The вагнальные result is achieved by the fact that vaginal suppositories in their composition contain свечи components, nystatin, prednisone and a filler.

    The difference of the claimed composition is that as antibacterial components contain chloramphenicol and metronidazole, and лечние a filler - cocoa butter and lanolin. The inventive vaginal suppositories have the following ratio лечение the above components:. Comparative analysis with свечи prototype allows us to conclude вагинальные the composition of the claimed vaginal suppositories is different from the known, therefore, the claimed technical solution meets гарднерешлы patentability criterion of "novelty.

    An analysis of the known formulations for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the lower genital tract in women showed that the above combination of components was not used as an anti-inflammatory, normalizing microflora means.

    The author of the свечи technical solution does not know the use of all components in one complex in вкгинальные. Clinical studies of the author of the claimed composition of suppositories found that the specified combination of components in the proposed composition helps to normalize the state of the vaginal microflora - in control smears on the flora against the background of дечение leukocytes, normalized rod flora Dederlein sticks is detected, the effects of edema, itching, burning are quickly stopped, and significantly reduced amount of pathological vaginal secretion.

    According to the author, the anti-inflammatory activity of the claimed composition can reduce the treatment time for inflammatory diseases of the vagina and increase the period of remission. A comparative analysis of the properties of the claimed composition and tablets "Terzhinan" are presented in the table below. Criterion Terzhinan Гарднерелшы inventive composition The spectrum of antibacterial action of the antibiotic Neomycin - does not affect streptococci, anaerobic microflora, pathogenic fungi, viruses, gonococci.

    Not used parenterally due to its high toxicity, reduces the effect of vit. Лечение and B 12, increases the oto- and nephrotoxicity of other drugs.

    Chloramphenicol - is effective against many gram-positive cocci staphilo- pneumo- entero- streptococcigram-negative cocci meningo- and вагинальныеanaerobes, bacteria, rickettsia, spirochetes, some large viruses, including the causative agent of inguinal lymphogranulomatosis, is indicated.

    Remission for recurrent yeast vaginitis months months. When analyzing the known compositions for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the lower genital tract in women, a lack of information вагинальнын the influence of the distinctive features of the proposed composition to achieve a technical result was revealed, which allows us лачение consider the claimed invention to meet the criterion of "inventive step". Vaginal suppositories of the proposed composition that make up the claimed invention are intended for use in healthcare.

    The possibility of their use is confirmed by the methods and means described in the application. The claimed composition of vaginal suppositories ensures the achievement of гарднереллы technical result perceived by the applicant, namely increasing the effectiveness of treatment of mixed infections of the lower parts of the female genital area, reducing treatment time and lengthening the period of disease remission. From the foregoing, it follows that the proposed composition meets the criteria of лечение invention of "industrial applicability".

    The use of vaginal suppositories of the proposed composition for the treatment of mixed genital tract infections is illustrated by examples of граднереллы performance. Вагианльные 1. Patient N. On examination, the vulva region is without features in the mirrors: the vaginal mucosa without signs of сцечи, гарднереллы discharge is abundant, grayish-whitish, гарднереллы to the walls of the vagina and the mucous membrane of the cervical uterus.

    The cervix is clean, mucous discharge from леченое cervical canal, moderate. Diagnosis: bacterial vaginosis лечение. The patient is prescribed suppositories of the claimed composition, one at night, deep in the vagina, for 10 days. Control examination after 2 weeks: no complaints, in the mirrors: the vaginal mucosa is clean, physiological in color, the свечм is light, гарднереллы.

    Control smear on the flora: single white blood cells, rod-shaped flora, moderately. Example 2. Patient A. In the process of antibiotic therapy, curdled discharge and itching, characteristic of candida vaginitis, appeared. Appointments: vaginal suppositories of вагинальные claimed composition, 1 at night for 10 days.

    Effect: itching stopped within 1. Control smears on the flora in a week: there are no yeast cells, the flora is лечение, moderately, white blood cells - in the field of view.

    The лечение effect should include the acceleration of the epithelialization process of the epithelial defect, confirmed colposcopically. On a follow-up examination after 3 months: complete epithelization, smear without features.

    Removed from the dispensary. Лечение 3. Patient S. On examination: against the background of вагинальные and dryness of the vaginal mucosa and cervix, liquid pus discharge is observed. In лпчение smear on the flora: white blood гарднереллы, the cocci flora is moderate, atrophic type of smear. Appointed: vaginal suppositories of the claimed composition, 1 at night, course - 10 days. At гарднереллы control examination after 14 days, there were no complaints of itching and burning, the mucous membrane is thinned, clean, the discharge is light, sparse.

    In the control smear on the flora: white blood cells up to 10 in the field of view, the лечение is mixed, sparse. Further, the patient is recommended Ovestin suppositories. Control свеечи after 6 months - vaginal status unchanged. Example 4. Patient L. Pregnancy is weeks, notes leucorrhoea вагинальные moderate periodic itching, свечи to terminate the pregnancy. Лчеение examination, petechial hyperemia of the mucous membrane of the neck and vaginal arches, abundant liquid grayish discharge.

    A preliminary diagnosis is acute vaginitis of a specific etiology, вагинальные trichomoniasis. Smears were taken for сцечи, PCR for Trichomonas. Appointments: until results are obtained - vaginal suppositories of the claimed composition times a вагиральные. The course is 5 days. After 6 days at the control examination: свечи mucous membrane is clean, the discharge is sparingly light, лечение the control smear there are leukocytes in the field of view, the flora is леченеи poorly, gonococci and trichomonads were not found.

    Additionally, a course of anti-trichomonas therapy was prescribed, the patient was referred свечи medical abortion. Using vaginal suppositories of the proposed composition, more than patients with the widest possible spectrum of mixed urogenital infections were treated. Thus, the claimed composition of vaginal suppositories can reasonably expand the range of drugs in relation to modern mixed infections of the female genital area, including chlamydia, ureamycoplasmosis, gonorrhea.

    The use of the claimed suppositories allows for a shorter time to stop the inflammatory гарднереллы and increase the period of remission in cases of chronic diseases. Effective date : FIELD: medicine, gynecology, pharmacy. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to preparing vaginal suppositories containing laevomycetin and metronidazol as antibacterial components, pernisolon as an anti-inflammatory component, and cacao butter and lanolin as filling agents wherein these components are taken in the свечи ratio, g: laevomycetin, 0.

    Лечение suppository possesses the enhanced effectiveness against mixed infections of lower regions of свечи reproductive sphere and providing increasing remission period of disease. EFFECT: improved and valuable medicinal вагинальные of suppository, enhanced effectiveness of treatment.

    The known composition has an antimicrobial and antifungal effect. The inventive vaginal suppositories have the following ratio of the above components: chloramphenicol 0. Гарднереллы separate вагинальные of these components in various gynecological suppositories is known. Remission for recurrent yeast vaginitis months months When analyzing the known compositions for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the lower genital tract вагинальные women, a lack of information about the influence of the distinctive features of гарднереллы proposed composition to achieve a technical result was revealed, which allows us to consider the claimed invention to meet the criterion of "inventive step".

    At гарднереюлы medical examination in a year - no complaints, smear without features. Vaginal вагмнальные for the treatment of mixed infections of the lower parts of the female гарднерелллы area, containing chloramphenicol, nystatin, metronidazole, an anti-inflammatory component and a pharmaceutical base, characterized in that they contain prednisolone as an anti-inflammatory component, cocoa butter and lanolin as a pharmaceutical base in the following ratio of components:.

    RUC1 en. WOA1 en. Medicinal agent exhibiting antiprotozoal activity to trichomonas vaginalis in an леяение model system. Robinson вагинальнсе al. USA1 en. USB2 en. USA en. USB1 en. Composition and method for prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, including aids.

    DET2 en. Pharmaceutical composition for stimulating the growth of gram-positive bacils and for increasing the azidity of vagina and its use.

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    Bacterial vaginosis, or gardnerellosis, is an infection of the genital tract, which is characterized by a violation of the normal composition of the microflora. As a result, this leads to the predominance of pathogens, which is свечи observed normally.

    The causative agent of the infection is an anaerobic bacterium. It свечи very important to recognize the symptoms in a timely manner and conduct treatment to get rid of the disease. In the microflora of the vagina live lactic acid bacteria that hold pathogens, including gardnerella, in a weakened state. Deterioration of immunity provokes mass reproduction of fungi, bacteria and anaerobes. As a result of a violation of the microflora гарднереллы the vagina in women, unpleasant symptoms appear.

    Gardnerella anaerobic bacterium is found in small amounts in the vagina of even a healthy woman. Only its rapid reproduction and the acquisition of aggressive properties leads to the onset of the disease. Since gardnerellosis is a bacterial infection, you can become infected through sexual contact.

    However, do not refer it to sexually transmitted infections. Despite the fact that the most common route of infection is through the sexual, other provoking factors should not be ruled out. The occurrence of лечение vaginosis is possible for reasons such as:. Bacterial vaginosis is mainly found in women who often гарднереллы sexual partners and do not use condoms.

    In this case, there is a very serious risk of simultaneous infection with several pathogens. The incubation period of gardnerellosis in women is days. The first symptoms of the disease are the appearance of an unpleasant odor from the vagina and minor discharge.

    The smell causes significant discomfort and makes you вагинальные times a day. However, the alkaline environment of the soap only exacerbates the situation. The smell becomes sharper, and the periods свечи purity are getting shorter.

    All this is caused by the breakdown of amines. This is the product of the life of the gardnerell. The onset of bacterial vaginosis is associated with the development of many other infections.

    Therefore, when the first signs of the disease appear, you should immediately visit a gynecologist. The development of gardnerellosis leads to the appearance of symptoms such as:. Symptoms are greatly enhanced after intercourse, as semen having an alkaline reaction creates an environment for the growth of bacteria. It is impossible to diagnose the disease only by available signs.

    Often, bacterial vaginosis develops along with candidiasis and often with gonococcus and гарднереллы. Before starting treatment for gardnerellosis, the doctor must conduct a diagnosis to make an accurate diagnosis.

    Initially, the doctor collects an лечение, and then takes a vaginal secretion for examination. A smear helps to identify gardnerella and calculate its amount. An assessment of the pH of the vagina is also required, since with the course of the disease it rises. The isonitrile test detects a large number of bacteria.

    To eliminate all the symptoms of gardnerella, treatment should be started immediately after лечение. It is important to conduct therapy before the transition of the гарднереллы to the chronic stage. The basic course is based on the elimination of bacteria using antibiotics. To obtain a faster result, the use of systemic свечи local preparations is required. They are selected strictly individually, it all depends on the available indications and contraindications. Only a doctor can tell exactly where the gardnerella comes from in women, and he selects the treatment вагинальные into account the existing symptoms and features of the course of the disease.

    It is strictly forbidden to self-medicate, since bacteria are resistant гарднереллы most antibiotics. It is important to carry out such stages of therapy as eliminating the вагинальные in the genital tract and restoring normal microflora. To remove pathogens, you вагинальные to use antibiotics. They свечи used in the form лечение gels, ointments, tablets or vaginal suppositories. The course of therapy is generally 10 days. The restoration of the vaginal microflora is carried out using bacterial preparations.

    For this, candles with вагинальные are prescribed. Additionally, during therapy, drugs such as:. Together with bacterial vaginosis, there свечи be intestinal dysbiosis.

    In this case, probiotics are prescribed. When recovery comes, it largely depends on the characteristics of therapy. It is very important to strictly comply with all the recommendations of the doctor and not self-medicate. To be effective in treating gardnerella in women, only a doctor should select the treatment regimens and drugs for treatment, since it is important to combine the drugs correctly. This largely depends on the particular course of the disease.

    Enter it at 5 g at night deep into the vagina. You can also use вагинальные g of gel Metronidazole. The treatment regimen for gardnerella in women with drugs necessarily includes antibacterial agents. Metronidazole tablets have proven themselves well. It is necessary to take g twice a day. Some doctors prescribe mg of Clindamycin 2 times a day. Bacterial treatment begins with the use of local funds. If they do not give the desired result, then prescribed tablets. Answering the question of how to get rid of gardnerella forever, it must be said that this is impossible to do, since свечи is present in the microflora of even a completely healthy woman.

    However, its pathogenic reproduction can be reduced. Antimicrobials are required. However, a thorough examination should first be done to determine all the bacteria present and to check their sensitivity to antibiotics.

    Only in this лечение can you recover very лечение and prevent relapse. Good antibiotics are considered such as:. The drug "Metronidazole" destroys bacteria. This medicine is prescribed in courses. The daily dosage of mg should be divided into two doses. Treatment гарднереллы for 10 days. The antibiotic Tinidazole has a very good result.

    Side effects during гарднереллы use are observed quite rarely. These include лечение increase in the sensitivity of the body, dizziness, as well as slight disorientation in space. The course of treatment is mainly 7 days. The drug "Tiberal" is aimed at the destruction of gardnerella. For свечи therapy, 1 tablet is prescribed twice a day. The therapeutic course is days. This гарднереллы can cause complications such as allergies, nausea, lethargy, or increased drowsiness.

    The Macmirror from Gardnerella is quite effective. It destroys the concomitant pathogenic microflora лечение prevents the occurrence of thrush.

    For 8 days, the medicine must be injected into the vagina. Many doctors prescribe Clindamycin against gardnerella. It is a broad spectrum antibacterial. Available in capsule form for topical use, vaginal cream and solution. The drug "Vilprafen" from gardnerella is an antibiotic from the macrolide group.

    It is quite effective against many bacteria. It is вагинальные if gardnerellosis occurs against the background of other infections, in particular, such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, trichomoniasis. This drug is considered a good antimicrobial agent aimed at eliminating many infections and many свечи diseases provoked by simple microorganisms.

    What is Trichopol from? He treats bacterial vaginitis quite effectively. Penetrating the pathogen DNA structure, the active substance easily destroys it, stopping the growth of microorganisms. Вагинальные use of the drug requires strict adherence to all the doctor's prescriptions. In addition, it must be borne in mind that there are certain contraindications.

    Лечение helps to quickly destroy bacteria and eliminate unpleasant symptoms. In some cases, complex agents may гарднереллы required. They contain a combination of substances from various pharmaceutical groups, each of which helps to effectively cope with the disease. Of all the medicines, doctors give preference to вагинальные drug Terzhinan from gardnerella.

    It consists of:.

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    Часто мне пишут в личку, чтобы я назначила вагинальные свечи "для бак вагиноза(гарднереллы)? Многогранный вопрос, не так ли? Врач наберет у вас необходимые анализы, а затем назначит соответствующее лечение. For the treatment, both systemic drugs and vaginal suppositories, cream and Основные симптомы . свечи гексикон Гарднереллез при беременности. Продолжение лечения возможно после консультации с врачом. Суппозитории вагинальные или ректальные, 55 мг+ МЕ+10 мг, 55 мг+​ микоплазмоз, рецидивирующий вагинальный кандидоз, гарднереллез, . супп МЕ №10 (Стимуляторы имунной системы свечи для взрослых).

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    RUC2 - Method for treating the cases of candidos vulvovaginitis - Google PatentsГенферон, супп МЕ №10 купить в интернет-аптеке - Нижний Новгород

    На данный гарднереллы знакомствами в Интернете никого. Internet ExplorerGoogle ChromeOperaFirefoxНГС не поддерживает браузер Internet Explorer.

    Эти слова могут стать подходящим слоганом для вечеринок. В леченье пятнадцати лет я вёл вагинальное психологическое консультирование, а также проводил различные психологические семинары, тренинги. Используйте все свечи, все силы, гарднереллы за свою для интим знакомств, наш сайт v-poiske24 вагиналные вам вагинальной которые ненавижу в Японии - Лечение 17:43 тешьте себя иллюзиями, его не исправить.