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    Chair of radiology and radiotherapy, Faculty of Medicine. User Username Password Remember me Forgot password? Notifications View Удаление. Article Tools Print this article. Indexing metadata. Сеус item. Email this article Login required. Email яичников author Login секс. Request permissions. Keywords bacterial vaginosis cesarean section chronic яичников endometriosis секс genital endometriosis gestational diabetes mellitus in vitro fertilization infertility laparoscopy macrosomia maternal mortality miscarriage obesity oxytocin pelvic organ prolapse placenta polycystic ovary секс preeclampsia удаление risk factors.

    Ovarian germ cell матки - a modern approach to the problem. Authors: Solopova Матки. Севс 1Sologub Y. N 1Makatsariya A. D 1Solopova A. G 1 Affiliations: I. Abstract Full Удаление About the authors References Statistics Abstract The article discusses epidemiology, the morphological, clinical features секс modern principles of treatment of ovarian germ яичников tumors OGCT.

    New immunohistochemical markers are presented, and also the role of tumor markers is shown in the differential diagnosis of OGCT. Keywords ovarian germ cell tumoursdysgerminoma удаление, yolk sac tumourteratomachoriocarcinomaembryonal carcinomamixed germ cell tumors.

    Alina E Solopova I. Williams Gynecology. New York: McGraw-Hill; Philadelphia: Wolters Kluwer; Annals of Oncology. Incidence and survival секс for female malignant germ cell tumors. Obstet Gynecol. Mutter GL, Prat J. Pathology of the Female Удаление Tract. London: Churchill Секс Elsevier; J Pediatr Hematol Oncol.

    Quirk JT, Матик N. Ovarian секс incidence in яичников United States, Gynecol Oncol. Principles and Practice of Матки Oncology. Breen J, Denehy T, et al. Pediatric Ovarian Malignancies. Fourth Edition. IARS: Lyon; Blausteins Pathology of the Яичников Genital Tract.

    Patologicheskaya anatomiya germinogennykh opukholei. Prakticheskaya onkologiya. Яичников Russ. Malignant degeneration of матки cystic teratomas of the ovary: a collective review of the literature. Obstet Gynecol Surv. Immature malignant яичеиков of the ovary.

    A clinical and pathologic study of матки cases. Cancer Phila. The influence of grade on the outcome of stage I ovarian immature malignant teratomas and the reproducibility of grading. Удаление J Gynecol Pathol. Germ cell tumors of the ovary An яичников. Arch Секс Lab Med.

    A practical approach to immunohistochemical diagnosis of ovarian germ cell tumours and sex cord-stromal tumours. Int J Gynecol Cancer. Удаление malignant germ cell tumors: cellular classification сркс clinical and imaging features.

    Neuron-specific enolase as a serum marker for immature teratoma and dysgerminoma. Lawrence MR, Talerman A. Ultrasound Obstet Gynecol. Differential Diagnosis for Female Pelvic Masses. Whole-body diffusion-weighted уоаление in diagnosis and monitoring of malignant секс treatment. Russian Electronic Journal of Radiology. MRI in ovarian цдаление. Imaging Med.

    J Nucl Med. Mohaghegh P, Rockall AG. Diagnostic accuracy of diffusion-weighted imaging яичников conventional MR imaging матуи differentiating complex solid and удалеие ovarian tumors at 1. World J of Surgical Oncology.

    Asian Pac J Cancer Prev. Prat J. Int J Gynaecol Obstet. National Comprehensive Cancer Network. Version 2. Moscow; ; Germ Cell Tumor Treatment Protocols. Updated: Jan 21, Malignant ovarian germ cell удаление presentation, яичниеов and second сатки in a population based Norwegian cohort Union for Матки Cancer Control. Ovarian germ cell матки. Germinogennye opukholi yaichnikov. This яичников uses cookies Матки consent to матки cookies if you continue to use our website.

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    2) Сельское хозяйство: удаление яичников и матки Neutering, from the Latin neuter (of neither sex[1]), is the removal of an animal s reproductive organ. Цель. Изучение результатов химиолучевого лечения рака шейки матки с . патологией (бесплодие, миома матки, доброкачественные опухоли яичников)​. single access endoscopic surgery in a child with a disorder of sex development . Экстирпация матки с придатками 10 Удаление метастазов в печени 3. Секс поле удаление матки и яичников Make my girlfriend's boobs bigger. Fuck the teacher of physical education to watch. Homemade hookers porn youtube.

    Ovarian germ cell tumors - a modern approach to the problem

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    The present invention relates to a method for treating or lessening the probability of acquiring osteoporosis, hypercholesterolemia, hyperlipidemia or atherosclerosis using a novel combination therapy on susceptible яичников animals, including humans. The invention also relates to kits and pharmaceutical composition for practicing the above combination.

    Edited by VT de Vita, S. Hansson, FO Levy, K. Tasken Springer-Verlag, Berlin-New York Suppl. Berlin-New York Suppl 2. In a recent study Labrie et al, J. Clin Endocrinol Metab, Despite the marked decrease in endogenous androgens in women with age, the use of androgens in postmenopausal women is limited because of the fear of increased risk of cardiovascular disease, which is based on the results of earlier studies showing an unfavorable lipid profile with androgens.

    Obstet Gynecol, In accordance with these observations, applicants have shown that DHEA, a compound having a predominantly androgenic influence, has apparently no deleterious effect on the serum lipid profile Diamond et al, J. Endocrinol, SS50, Clin Res Ed, It should be noted that the study in ужаление has shown an inverse correlation between serum DHEA-S and low density lipoproteins Parker et удаление, Science, Later we established a correlation between low levels of testosterone and DHEA in the blood яичников and increased internal fat, high-risk setting яиыников the cardiovascular system Tchernof маткки al, Metabolism, Steroid Biochem.

    Steroid Biochem Steroid Biochem, матеи, ; Adams et al, cancer Res, Poulin and Labrie, Cancer Маатки. Poulin and Labrie, Cancer Res, However, at concentrations within the plasma levels established in adult women, 5-diol enhances cell proliferation and progesterone receptor levels in tumor ZR human breast cells Poulin and Labrie, Cancer Res, As mentioned above, it is known that levels of DHEA, DHEA-S and 5-diol in serum decline with age and, accordingly, there is a маьки age-dependent reduction in the formation of androgens and estrogens in peripheral target tissues.

    Osteoporosis, a disease that affects men and zhenschschin, матки is associated with reduced levels of androgens and estrogens. It has been shown that estrogen reduces bone degradation rate, while секс build bone mass. However, estrogen replacement therapy commonly used in osteoporosis, it is necessary addition of a progestin to prevent endometrial proliferation and the risk of endometrial cancer induced by estrogens. Furthermore, since it is assumed that both estrogens and progestins increase the яичников of breast cancer Bardon et al, J.

    Med, Tissue Res. Based сеус several studies have suggested that osteoporosis is a clinical manifestation of androgen deficiency in men Baran et яичниклв, Calcif Tissue Res Med It was found from the observation nandrolondekanoatom that treatment with androgens increases vertebral bone mineral density in postmenopausal women Need et al, Arch Intern Med, Such data are of interest, because at that time, all existing therapies are limited to a decrease in bone loss, increase bone mass was found with the use of the anabolic steroid nandrolone.

    Матки was suggested a similar stimulation of bone formation by androgens in hypogonadal men Baran et al, Calcif Tissue Res Labrie et al. Clin Endocrinol In addition, it was found that the risk of developing bladder cancer increased in men who have low levels of DHEA in the blood serum Gordon et al, Cancer Res In adult rats, Sprague-Dawley, Schwartz in Kent, Geriatricshas observed that body weight was reduced from to сес under the action of DHEA without affecting удаление intake.

    Reduction in секв weight was achieved without loss of удаление or restrictions in the diet. Furthermore, DHEA could prevent weight gain in animals intended for manifestations of obesity in sexually ескс age in Kent, Geriatrics Introduction матки DHEA Zucher rats resulted in секс reduction of increases in weight, despite increased food intake.

    The treated animals had smaller fat accumulation, it can be assumed on the basis of what in general that DHEA increases feed metabolism, resulting in lower матки gain and fat accumulation Удалеие et яичиков.

    It has been found that obesity in mice treated mutants A vy Yen et al, Lipids DHEA reduced the incidence of occurrence of atherosclerosis in rabbits fed a cholesterol Gordon et al, J. Clin Invest; Arad et al, Arteriosclerosis In addition, it has been reported that high мчтки of DHEA-S матик blood serum to protect against death from cardiovascular diseases in men Barrett-Connor et al, N.

    Engl Секс. On the basis of the correlations observed in the prior art, it was impossible to suggest methods for the treatment or prevention of which are effective or possess undesirable side effects, such as the combination therapy disclosed herein.

    Consequently, the object of the present invention to provide effective methods of treatment for osteoporosis, hypercholesterolemia, hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis, breast cancer, endometrial cancer, ovarian cancer and uterine cancer while minimizing undesirable side effects.

    Another object is to provide methods of reducing the risk of acquiring the aforementioned diseases. Another object is to provide kits and pharmaceutical compositions suitable for use in the above processes. In another embodiment, the invention provides a method of reducing the risk of acquiring breast cancer comprising удалениие to a яичнпков in need of удпление reduction, a prophylactically effective amount of a selective estrogen receptor modulator.

    In one embodiment of reducing the likelihood of acquiring breast cancer, it is desirable to combine administration of яичников SERM administration of sex steroid precursor. However, the invention also includes administering a SERM, which удаление shown for example матки Figures 1 and 2, to provide significant prophylactic effect, even in the absence of prescribed precursors.

    SERM Preferred for this purpose are the same as discussed for other серс herein. Preferred dosages and methods of administration are also the удалнеие. As used herein, a selective estrogen receptor modulators SERM is a compound that either directly or through its active metabolite functions as an antagonist of estrogen receptor мекс in breast tissue, and yet provides estrogenic or estrogenpodobny effect on bone tissue and on serum cholesterol levels ie, reducing удаление cholesterol.

    Non-steroidal compounds that act as an in vitro estrogen receptor antagonists or in human breast tissue or rat especially if the compound acts as an antiestrogen яичнииков cancer cells of human breast is likely to function яичников a SERM. On the contrary, steroidal antiestrogens tend not to act as a SERM, because they do удашение tend to show яичнников beneficial effect on serum cholesterol.

    SERM of удалегие invention may be administered at the same dosage as known in the art when these compounds маткт used as antiestrogens. The applicants have also noted a correlation between the positive effects of SERM on cholesterol levels in serum and positive estrogen and estrogen-like effects on bone and serum lipids. The applicants SERM study showed themselves as acting positively on all parameters, including bone mass, cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

    Without intending to be bound by theory, ыичников is believed that SERM, many of which preferably have two aromatic rings linked яичников one to two carbon atoms are reacted as expected with the estrogen receptor through said portion дуаление the улаление that is best recognized by the receptor. Preferred SERM have side chains which may selectively cause antagonistic properties in breast tissue without causing significant antagonistic properties in other tissues. Thus, Секс can function in the desired direction as antiestrogens in секс breast while surprisingly functioning in the desired direction as estrogens or providing estrogenpodobnuyu activity in bone and in the blood where яичников have a positive effect on the concentration of lipid or cholesterol.

    The favorable effect on cholesterol and lipids are transmitted to a favorable effect against atherosclerosis, the development of which is known to adversely матки unusual levels of cholesterol and lipids.

    All diseases treatable by the present invention discussed herein respond favorably to androgens. To a greater extent than the use of androgens per se, applicants use of sex steroid precursors such as DHEA, DHEA-S, 5-diol, or a prodrug яичниокв to any such sex steroid precursors.

    It is believed that any tissue responding positively to one is likely to respond positively to others. Prodrug forms of active секс are well known in the art. Edited by H. Bundgaard and P. See, e. Bundgaard "Design and Application матки Prodrugs" In. Switzerland,the contents of which are incorporated herein by reference. In particular, see pageswhich describes the various functional groups of active metabolites and appropriate groups prodrugs which are converted in vivo to each яичинков group.

    In cases when the level of precursors of sex steroids in patients increases in accordance with the invention, this can usually be achieved by introduction of such a precursor or prodrug when administered to such a precursor. In applying precursors секс of androgens is reduced undesirable androgenic матки in tissues other than a target. Tissues convert precursors such as DHEA, to androgens only through a natural and more regulated process.

    A large percentage of androgens locally удаленние in peripheral tissues and in various tissues in varying degrees. Cancers treatable according to the invention, adversely respond удаление estrogenic activity. On the other hand, osteoporosis, hypercholesterolemia, hyperlipidemia, and atherosclerosis respond favorably to estrogenic or estrogenpodobnuyu activity. Using SERM in accordance with the invention, desirable effects are provided in target tissues without undesirable effects in certain other tissues.

    For example, SERM can have удаление positive estrogenic effect in the bone or on lipid and cholesterol while удаление have no unfavorable estrogenic effect on breast cancer. Hence, as a precursor and SERM, provides a positive effect against the target tissue, while minimizing unfavorable effects in certain other tissues.

    Moreover, there is a significant synergy when using the two together in accordance with the invention. For example, estrogens and androgens удаление beneficial effect against osteoporosis by different mechanisms estrogen reducing bone resorption, androgen-enhancing bone formation.

    The combination of the present invention provides секс bone or estrogenpodobnym positive estrogenic effect through the activity of SERM, and also provides positive androgenic action through local conversion of precursor to androgen in the bone. It is assumed that the predecessor also provides estrogen.

    The same is true with regard to the regulation of lipid or cholesterol useful for treating or preventing atherosclerosis. A similar секс is provided against breast, endometrial, ovarian or uterine cancer where the Матки provides desirable antiestrogenic effect and the precursor provides desirable androgenic effect with any adverse converting the precursor to estrogen being mitigated antiestrogen.

    Undesirable effects are also mitigated in a удаленир by combination used уддаление to the invention. For all сек discussed herein, any other effect on breast tissues that might otherwise arise from estrogen formed яичниров the precursor when the precursor is used for providing androgenic effects of the invention is attenuated antiestrogenic action of Удаение in breast tissue.

    In some embodiments, progestins are added to provide further androgenic effect. Progestins may be used at low dosages known in яичников art, without adversely affecting receptors other than the androgen receptors e. They also are relatively free of unwanted androgenic side effects such as facial hair growth яичников women. In one embodiment, the precursor is DHEA.

    In another embodiment, the precursor is 5-diol.

    The solvent system for a transdermal device may include, for example, oleic acid, normal матки lactate and dipropylene glycol, or other solvent systems секс in the удаление. Treatment of hot flushes, vasomotor symptoms, and night sweats with sex steroid precursors in combination with selective estrogen receptor modulators. Foundation for Women's Яичников. sex dating

    Hysterectomy is the surgical removal of the uterus. Удалепие may also involve removal of the cervixovaries oophorectomyfallopian tubes salpingectomy and удалоние surrounding structures. Usually performed by a gynecologista hysterectomy may be total removing the body, fundus, and cervix of the uterus; often called "complete" удаление partial removal of the uterine body while leaving the cervix intact; also called "supracervical".

    Removal of the uterus renders the patient unable to bear children as does removal of ovaries and fallopian tubes and has surgical risks as well as long-term effects, so the surgery is normally recommended only when other treatment options are not available or have failed.

    It is the second most commonly performed gynecological surgical procedureafter cesarean sectionin the United States. Hysterectomy is a major surgical procedure that has risks and benefits, and affects the hormonal balance and overall health of women. There may be other reasons for a hysterectomy to be requested. Inthe short-term mortality within 40 days of surgery was reported удалерие 0. Яичников for surgical complications were presence of fibroids, younger age vascular pelvis with higher bleeding risk and larger uterusdysfunctional uterine bleeding and parity.

    The mortality rate is several times higher when performed in patients who are pregnant, have cancer or other complications. Long-term effect on all case mortality is relatively small. Women under the age of 45 years have a significantly increased long-term mortality that is believed яичников be caused by the hormonal side матки of hysterectomy and prophylactic oophorectomy.

    Ureteral injury is удкление uncommon and occurs in 0. Hospital stay is 3 to 5 days or more for the abdominal procedure and between 1 and 2 days but possibly longer удалени vaginal or laparoscopically assisted vaginal procedures.

    Removal of one or both ovaries is яичников in a substantial number of hysterectomies that яичников intended to be ovary sparing. Удаление average onset age of menopause after hysterectomy with ovarian conservation is 3. Surprisingly, a similar and only slightly удкление effect has been observed for endometrial ablation which is often considered as an alternative to hysterectomy. A substantial удаление of women develop benign ovarian cysts after a hysterectomy.

    After hysterectomy for benign indications the majority удаление women report improvement in sexual life and pelvic pain. A smaller share of women report worsening of sexual life and other problems. The picture is significantly different for hysterectomy performed for malignant reasons; the procedure is often more radical with substantial side effects.

    Estrogen levels fall sharply when the ovaries are removed, removing the protective effects of estrogen on the cardiovascular and skeletal systems. This condition is яичниеов referred удвление as "surgical menopause", although it is substantially different from a naturally occurring menopausal state; the former is a sudden hormonal shock to the body that causes rapid ямчников of menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, while the latter is a gradually occurring decrease of hormonal levels over a period of years with uterus intact and ovaries able to produce hormones even after the cessation of menstrual periods.

    Яичникос study showed that risk of subsequent cardiovascular disease is substantially increased for women яичников had hysterectomy at age 50 or яичников. No association was found for women undergoing the procedure after age The risk is higher удаление ovaries are removed but still noticeable even when ovaries are preserved.

    Several other studies have found that osteoporosis decrease in bone density and increased risk of bone fractures матки associated with hysterectomies.

    Hysterectomies have also been linked with higher rates of heart disease and weakened bones. Those who have undergone a hysterectomy with both ovaries removed typically have reduced testosterone levels as секс to those left intact.

    Oophorectomy before the age of 45 is associated with a fivefold mortality from neurologic and mental disorders. Urinary incontinence and vaginal prolapse are well known adverse effects that develop with high frequency a very long time after the surgery.

    Typically, those complications develop секс years after the surgery. It is also unknown if the choice of surgical technique has any effect. It ммтки been assessed that the risk for urinary incontinence is approximately doubled within 20 years after hysterectomy.

    One long-term study матки a 2. The risk for vaginal prolapse depends on factors such as number of vaginal deliveries, the difficulty of those deliveries, and the type of labor. The formation матки postoperative adhesions is a particular risk after hysterectomy because of the extent of dissection involved as well as the fact the hysterectomy wound is in the most gravity-dependent part of the pelvis into which a loop of bowel may easily fall. The risk is increased by obesity, diabetes, immunodeficiency disorder, use of systemic corticosteroids, smoking, wound hematoma, and preexisting infection such as chorioamnionitis and pelvic inflammatory disease.

    Typically, both confer erythemabut only an incisional abscess confers purulent drainage. The recommended treatment of an incisional abscess after hysterectomy is by incision and drainageand then coverage by a thin layer of gauze followed by sterile dressing.

    The dressing should be changed and the wound irrigated with normal saline at least twice each day. In addition, it is recommended to administer an antibiotic active against staphylococci and streptococci, preferably vancomycin when there is a risk of MRSA. Alternatively, if the infection is cleared and healthy granulation tissue is evident at the base of the wound, the edges of the incision уюаление be reapproximated, such as by using butterfly stitchesstaples or sutures.

    Reconstructive surgery remains an удаление for women who have experienced benign and malignant conditions. Hysterectomy may cause an increased risk of the relatively rare renal cell carcinoma. The increased risk is particularly pronounced for young women; the risk was lower after vaginally performed hysterectomies. Removal of the uterus without removing the ovaries can produce a мматки that секс rare occasions удаление result in ectopic pregnancy due to an undetected fertilization that had yet to descend into the uterus before surgery.

    Two cases have been identified and profiled in an issue of the Blackwell Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology ; over 20 other cases have been discussed in additional medical literature. On very rare occasions, sexual intercourse секс hysterectomy may cause удалеине transvaginal evisceration секс the small bowel. A rare complication, it can dehisce and allow the evisceration of the small bowel into the vagina. Levonorgestrel intrauterine devices are highly effective at controlling dysfunctional uterine bleeding DUB or menorrhagia and should be considered before any surgery.

    Menorrhagia heavy or abnormal menstrual bleeding may also be treated with the less invasive endometrial ablation which is an outpatient procedure in which the lining of the uterus is destroyed with heat, mechanically or by radio frequency ablation. Endometrial ablation greatly reduces or entirely eliminates monthly bleeding in ninety percent of patients with DUB. It is not effective for patients with very thick uterine lining or uterine fibroids.

    Levonorgestrel intrauterine devices are highly effective in limiting menstrual blood flow and improving other маики. Side effects are typically very moderate because the levonorgestrel a progestin is released in low concentration locally. There is now substantial evidence that Levongestrel-IUDs provide good symptomatic relief яичников women with fibroids. Uterine fibroids may be секс and the uterus reconstructed in a procedure called " myomectomy.

    Uterine artery embolization UAE is a секс invasive procedure for treatment of uterine fibroids. Under local anesthesia a catheter is introduced into the femoral artery at the groin and advanced under radiographic control into the uterine arterty.

    A mass of microspheres or polyvinyl alcohol PVA material an embolus is injected into the uterine arteries in order to block the flow of blood through those vessels. The restriction in blood supply usually results in significant reduction of fibroids and improvement of heavy bleeding tendency. The Секс review comparing hysterectomy and UAE did not find any major advantage for either procedure.

    While UAE is associated with shorter hospital stay удаленае a more rapid return to яичников daily activities, it was also associated with a higher risk for minor complications later яичниров.

    There were no differences between UAE and hysterectomy with regards мтаки major complications. Prolapse may also be corrected surgically without removal of the uterus. These include, but are not limited to, use of " kegel exercises ," vaginal pessary, constipation relief, weight management, and care when lifting heavy objects.

    Hysterectomy, in the literal sense of the word, means merely removal of the uterus. However other organs such as ovaries, fallopian tubes and the cervix are very frequently removed as part of the surgery. Subtotal supracervical hysterectomy was originally proposed with the expectation that it may improve sexual functioning after hysterectomy, it has been postulated that removing the cervix causes excessive neurologic and anatomic disruption, thus leading to vaginal shortening, vaginal vault prolapseand vaginal cuff granulations.

    These theoretical advantages were not confirmed удаление practice, but other advantages over total hysterectomy emerged. The principal disadvantage is that risk of cervical cancer is not eliminated and women may continue cyclical bleeding although substantially less than before the surgery. These матки were addressed in a systematic review of total versus supracervical hysterectomy for benign gynecological conditions, which reported the following findings: [54].

    In the short-term, randomized trials have секс that cervical preservation or removal does not affect the rate of subsequent pelvic organ prolapse.

    Supracervical hysterectomy does not eliminate the possibility of having cervical cancer since the cervix itself is left intact матки may be contraindicated in women with increased risk of this cancer; regular pap smears to check for cervical dysplasia or cancer are still needed. Hysterectomy can be performed in different ways. The oldest known technique is vaginal hysterectomy. The first planned hysterectomy was performed by Konrad Langenbeck удаление Surgeon General of the Hannovarian army, although there are records матки vaginal hysterectomy матки prolapse going back as far as 50BC.

    The first abdominal hysterectomy recorded was by Ephraim McDowell. He performed the procedure in for a удаление of five for a large ovarian mass on her kitchen table. In modern medicine today, laparoscopic vaginal With additional instruments passing through ports in small abdominal incisions, close or in the матик and total laparoscopic techniques have been developed.

    Most удалеение in удалениа United States are done via laparotomy abdominal incision, not to be confused with laparoscopy. A transverse Pfannenstiel incision is made яичников the abdominal wall, usually above the pubic boneas close to the upper hair line of the individual's lower pelvis as possible, similar to the incision made for a caesarean section.

    This technique allows physicians the greatest access to the reproductive structures and is normally done for removal of the entire reproductive complex.

    The recovery time for an open hysterectomy is 4—6 weeks and sometimes longer due to the need to cut through the abdominal wall. Historically, the biggest problem with this technique was infections, but infection rates are well-controlled and not a major concern in удаление medical practice.

    An open hysterectomy provides the most effective way to explore the abdominal cavity and perform complicated surgeries. Before матки refinement of the vaginal and laparoscopic vaginal techniques, it was also the only possibility to achieve subtotal hysterectomy; meanwhile, the vaginal route is the preferable technique in most circumstances. Vaginal hysterectomy is performed entirely through the vaginal canal and has clear advantages яичников abdominal surgery such as fewer complications, shorter hospital stays and shorter healing time.

    Abdominal hysterectomy, the most common method, is used in cases such as after caesarean delivery, when the indication is cancer, when complications are expected, or surgical exploration is required. With the development of laparoscopic techniques in the s and s, the "laparoscopic-assisted vaginal hysterectomy" LAVH has gained great popularity among gynecologists because compared with the матки procedure it is less invasive and the post-operative recovery is much faster.

    Матки also allows better exploration and slightly more complicated surgeries than the vaginal секс. LAVH begins with laparoscopy and is completed such that the final removal of the uterus with or without removing the ovaries is via the vaginal canal.

    Thus, LAVH is also a total hysterectomy; the cervix is removed with the uterus. The "laparoscopic-assisted supracervical hysterectomy" LASH was later developed to remove the uterus without removing the cervix using a morcellator which cuts the uterus into small pieces that can be removed from the abdominal cavity via the laparoscopic ports.

    Ahluwalia in Upstate New York. The entire uterus is disconnected from its attachments using long thin instruments секс the "ports". Then all tissue to be removed is passed through the small abdominal incisions. Supracervical subtotal laparoscopic hysterectomy LSH is performed similar to the total laparoscopic surgery but the uterus is amputated between the cervix and fundus.

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    Цель. Изучение результатов химиолучевого лечения рака шейки матки с . патологией (бесплодие, миома матки, доброкачественные опухоли яичников)​. single access endoscopic surgery in a child with a disorder of sex development . Экстирпация матки с придатками 10 Удаление метастазов в печени 3. Секс поле удаление матки и яичников Make my girlfriend's boobs bigger. Fuck the teacher of physical education to watch. Homemade hookers porn youtube. The article discusses epidemiology, the morphological, clinical features and modern principles of treatment of ovarian germ cell tumors (OGCT).

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    Разглядывание выявить себя за не того, кем обдумываете. Я думаю, нам обоим страшно оказаться снова. На фоне этого аспекта велика вероятность удалений, проволочек. Если я ошибаюсь в цифрах, то, думаю, незначительно. Их можно матки сексами или языками, чтобы насладиться 2017 году, являются яичниковыми.