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    Kia ora Bob, Caught up finally on your last couple of posts. I made some time but even then found my eyes flicking over the statistics, scrolling down too fast.

    Its too easy to тайланде not to see or think you have read all this before somewhere. I see where you are coming from with the last couple of posts, but tend to be more hopeful about the effects of the credit crisis.

    The developing world tends to use a real cash economy rather than all the debt and equity that the rest of us are tied up in. For them inflation was the big issue when everyone was spending too much, now might not the commoditys prices come down? I'm hoping this period of pain serves to level out some of the financial inequalities стоит the world. But then I might be a dreamer. I don't envy your секс in Indonesia, the стоит is insidious the wealth is staggering and тайланде people suffer.

    Indonesia is a young country with little cultural capital to spare on humanity. But then again as you say there are good humans everywhere doing the best and thats all we can do aye?

    Kia ora Bob, I too had to return here a few different times to finally NOT flick over the stats and figures and really try to read them, absorb them, and understand what they mean. It is almost as if we out here in the world of privilege сколько not unlike in ways like the countless Jewish секс on the way to the gas chambers.

    Up until the last second the Germans kept a well orchestrated charade of deception, knowing it was fueled by the "will to not believe what was really happening".

    I try to direct many to your place here Bob, and perhaps some do visit and read, I hope, but wonder how many start to skim over things they would rather not read and move on to more pleasing places. I would like сколько have hope like Тайланде above, but even if it were to help equalize these enormous disparities, how long and how many have to live in filth and die while it happens?

    The Great Depression did not change the balance of scale, and I see no reason while this one will either - though I am no economist, I can't see the change from the western way of profit and greed being changed by the unseen and unheard torment of those with less. Maybe it is me that has to change out here, in the land of privilege, one by one become a stronger voice that can be of real benefit to people like you whom are at the coal face.

    Thank you for your place here Bob, and for sharing with the world. Rangimarie, Robb. Kia Ora Jamie It was great to read you analytical reply. I hope you are right. This morning I went to the BBC where they are tracking weekly the effects of rising food prices on six families.

    Each are clearly spending more money on food. We are currently doing a vulnerability capacity assessment in all provinces of Indonesia and that should show more accurately where we are.

    I suppose Jamie I have lived too long in the 3rd world and even my morning walks are at a time when the pavement dwellers are packing up their plastic sheets, sacks and rags тайланде for a day's work as a labourer if they are lucky to have a job.

    If not, they face a day of scavenging. I have been on the road for the last few months in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia and have трансом in its different guises staring at me daily. I saw it last night in Banda Aceh and today I will be visiting a remote island so will check it out first hand. Jamie, continue to be a dreamer, for through that vision, you may find the answer. Стоит prefer dreams to memories for it is our dreams that lift us above the land where lunacy and exploitation dictates.

    Arohanui Bob. Kia Ora Robb That stats are quite alarming and only yesterday I saw some fresh ones and it don't make good reading.

    Robb, I was thinking about some of the struggles you and I have gone through over the years and I came across a poem which i think стоит written for us by Eleanor Roosevelt. It you fail anywhere along the line it will take away your confidence. You must make yourself succeed every трансом. You must do the thing you think you cannot do. That's what she секс talking about. I feel fear often in tackling senior bureaucrats, Ministers and even my own bosses as I know it is going to be unpleasant.

    But as advocates for the environment or the most vulnerable, we must do the thing we think we cannot do. Kia Kaha and thanks for your caring feedback. If we had a few more people like you and Jamie, we might see quicker and lasting fixes. Hi Bob Thank you for this report. Nevertheless, I found no comfort in it because the burden of the poor is not getting any lighter. Oh, I cringe at the greed among nations. Their screwed-up piorities of huge financial outlay for the stock-piling of weapons сколько war while ignoring the idea of стоит the wealth around" to eradicate poverty.

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    Tuesday, 14 October The poor getting poorer - highly motivated and depressed. Myanmar Red Cross volunteers distribute containers to cyclone survivors to collect safe drinking water. Photo: International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies I got considerable feedback on my last posting written about the impact the current global recession is likely to have on poverty.

    Being meek and weak in life makes these dying multitudes even more invisible in death. Before трансом another 20 years in Africa and Asia. It is a scourge, it is a shame, it is a responsibility we all have to share.

    I have just returned from a Asia Pacific meeting in Kuala Lumpur where our heads of delegations and Asia and Pacific got together to share стоит and plan our programmes for the coming year.

    I was so moved to сколько first трансом from Bridget, who ran the huge cyclone operation in Myanmar, speak of the thousands who died, and the work of the Myanmar Red Cross volunteers. Many of them lost their секс, some family members, but they continued to work 18 hours a day for months while they distributed tents, food, clothing and bedding, and others provided life saving medical care.

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