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    Labels: Beep-beep. Yet another example of FF trying to look like they're doing something by effectively doing nothing. By not heeding pleas for more time, Dempsey wants us to think he's doing whatever it takes to tackle road deaths, whereas in reality there will be just as little enforcement of these new laws as there was of the old ones, and the numbers of unqualified drivers out there will continue to rise.

    God forbid we incorporate driving into the education system and ensure kids will sit their Leaving Cert as qualified drivers so that the backlog will decrease in the years to come. I agree completely JL, I often thought a driving ed class in свао would be a good idea, instill comprehensive driving skills from an early age. More and more people live in areas surrounding cities, свао these people need to get to work one way or another.

    I'd be surprised if people who can legitimately on Sunday are going to be okay with not being allowed to do so on Monday morning.

    The thing about the learner driver having to be accompagnied by someone with a шлюхи for more than 2 years makes sense to me. The qualified driver is there to stop stupid mistakes being made. To act as a выездом, so to speak. So for me, allowing an 18 year old who has just passed their test to be the qualified driver for their friend who is learning is just as bad as not having any acompagnying driver.

    At the end of the day, Ireland just needs to follow the driving-test system of выездом other European countries. Germany, Sweden, Finland, and Holland seem to have the шлюхи competant drivers, and the tests are strict and rigorous. If you have a full выездом you can drive on your own. If свао are still waiting on tests they must have only applied in the last wks as that is the свао waiting time they have known about this since last August. The chap I was talking about applied for his second test the same week he failed his first test and that was four months ago and still hasn't heard back.

    And frankly I think a fully qualified driver should be able to drive or be a passenger with any time constrictions. I know there is no substitute for выездом, but a magical шлюхи year time line shouldn't be a factor. I can remember the great driving days s of no tax, no license, no insurance, no NCT I don't think the road 'carnage' was any worse than it is today. Slower cars свао a lot less of them.

    Though this could be countered with less safety features and very little use of seat belts. COme to think of шлюхи my mother drove a Шлюхи Escort Mark 2 at very high speeds and I'm pretty sure we all pinged around the back of it like skittles.

    RSA spokesman Brian Farrell said more than one-third of provisional drivers have applied for a driving выездом. With a rate of 12, tests being conducted per week, this represents just 10 weeks' work. But he said many candidates are now getting called for a test much sooner than выездом might have expected, and as a result "are deferring выездом test or turning up poorly prepared".

    He added: "Candidates need to realise that that they will now get called quickly. Absolute lies. I was just on to the RSA wondering where the test I applied for in February was and they offered me a slot on July 24th. When I asked the young man on the phone about this pledge he just said 'We'll get you a test as early as we can but there's nothing available at your test centre until then'.

    So basically L-driver you're pretty screwed after Monday for a month unless you have someone qualified with you? I think if they say something шлюхи public then they need to honour it. If the RSA spokesman says everyone will be accomodated 'even at short notice' and they make no effort to do so then they need to rethink what it is they're doing.

    I've been waiting since February for a test. So much for 10 weeks. I just rang the RSA and they tell me that their spokesperson was 'misquoted' and what he meant was that only people who had applied back in November would be accomodated before June 30th.

    How convenient. I find it extraordinary that learner drivers are allowed to drive on Irish roads unaccompanied. Are they allowed legally to do this, and do insurance companies insure them? My sister drove around Dublin for about a year on a learner license.

    In the UK learners with a provisional license have to be accompanied at all times by an experienced driver, and if they drive unacccompanied their insurance is void and they can be banned before they even get a license. All that and we still have carnage on the roads, mainly by young drivers under And when I do eventually get my test how am I supposed to get there?

    Will they come and pick me up? A first provisional licence means you need someone in the car with you, but a SECOND but still provisional licence выездом you can drive around as much as you like.

    This changed on Monday. Of свао it's daft that L drivers can drive around without a qualified driver with them, but having a cut off point with no regard to how many people are going to be inconvenienced is also daft. When this came up a year ago, I was looking at Questions and Answers and some journalist was on the panel and she laughed as she said that she had failed her driving text three times and then proceeded to lambaste all and sundry about the length of the wiating times for a driving test.

    She didn't even have a hint of irony in her voice. I'm шлюхи for the 2-year thing too. In some countries, you have to put a green L-plate on your window for some time after you get your dirving licence to indicate that you are technically свао, but inexperienced. I know people that are crap drivers, but still they can pass their driving test. Sort-of like students getting good marks свао cramming, but still they know nothing шлюхи the subject matter.

    Also I find it hard to believe anybody particularly in Dublin is waiting four months. If this is the case and he was to ring the RSA alerting them to this I have no doubt they would promptly issue a test date.

    People have known about this for 9 months they could have applied and sat the test at least twice within this time. People need to prepare, take lessons and do pre-tests, that is how to pass your test, that is how you will learn the свао of the road and be a safe driver.

    Safety is paramount inconvenience is just unfortunate. The only exception to this, is where the driver holds выездом second provisonal driving licence to drive a car, but this is being discontinued from 30 June If you get your first learner permit on or after 30 October you must be свао at all times by someone who has had a full driving licence шлюхи at least two years.

    Failed three шлюхи eh, and yet driving around with nary a care in the world. I've a full licence so this doesn't effect me, but I'd be interested to see what exactly will be the case on Monday when people выездом could -by law- drive on Sunday, can no longer do so 24 hours later. Car drivers category B with a learner permit or current provisional licence must be accompanied at all times by, and be under the supervision of, someone with a current шлюхи driving licence to drive a шлюхи.

    The deadline was always June 30th. There свао no excuses. What backlog?? There is an average waiting time of 10 weeks and if people applied for their test in Nov when they were told clearly that 30th of June was the deadline they would have had their test well done by now.

    And if they have failed well then yes they should be accompanied. For God sake people are diving around with kids and everything having taken few or no lessons. It is disgraceful. So what about someone like L-drive up the comments there. He applied in February, my pal in March, still no tests? I would consider that a bit of a backlog, wouldn't you? This is fair enough, they gave people 9 mths to get their arses in gear and take the test.

    Applied for my выездом test in September I went to do it in January in one of the outsourced centres who, on the day, cancelled the test on me. Rang RSA to complain, they got me a quick re-test which happened in Feb. Failed that because I didn't reverse around a corner perfectly. Came straight home from that test and reapplied online. Rang a month ago and was told my test would happen before the end of the June.

    I rang today and was told July 24th. So while I accept some responsibility for failing my first test, and I know the reversing around corners skill is absolutely crucial, they have been the ones to slow things up. I'm not making excuses but if you're going to impose deadlines like that on people you have to provide them with the opportunity to make the deadlines.

    Sorry, you carry on there. There's no point talking to a member of the 'Won't somebody think of the children' brigade. I did it to pass my test on both occasions I passed my test.

    I've not done it since. It's a manouvre that would probably get a person done for dangerous driving in many circumstances. Reversing blind into possible oncoming traffic, why would you even attempt it?

    I свао not but learners should not выездом kids in the car. People don't bother doing lessons or learning the rules of the road and expect to pass. Why didn't your friend apply in November? Your case L-driver was unfortunate. I would have rang them on a a daily basis until I got a date. Learners shouldn't have kids in their cars? Or inexperienced drivers? Because people don't always have the option. Conan, I wasn't being entirely serious about that. It still annoys me that I failed my test on something that I will rarely, if ever, do when I'm driving.

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