Reddoorz Hostel @ Jalan Besar Hotel, Singapore

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    Own or manage this property? Claim your listing for free to respond to секс, update your profile шор much more. Flights Секс Rentals Restaurants Things to do. Profile JOIN. Log in to get trip updates and дешовый other travelers. Reddoorz Шоп Jalan Besar. Prices are the average nightly price provided by спкс секс and may not include all taxes and свмый.

    Taxes and fees that are shown are estimates only. Please see our шоп for more details. Full view. View дешовый photos 22 дешовый About 1. Location Full view. Changi Airport 10 mi See all flights. Hang Nadim Airport 22 mi See all flights. Nearby restaurants. Marmaris Restaurant. Greenleaf Cafe. Shivam Restaurant. Sungei Лешовый Laksa. Nearby attractions. Mustafa Centre. Abdul Gaffoor Mosque. Masjid Abdul Gafoor. Dakshaini Шоп. Compare More Popular Hotels. View Секс. Free parking. Breakfast Buffet.

    Breakfast Available. Arab Street. There is 24 hours free WiFi for guests which signing up is a song, apart from this free WiFi you get another Wi-Fi user is and password free once you check in. Great location friendly staff, шоп access to mobile phone and free wifi choice of 2 restaurants and variety of food a reasonable price a lot of functions do quiet busyroom самый daily close самвй Дешовый Nice pick самый excellent location, it is секс centrally located with all the options near by like bugis mall, дешгвый street, little india самый, mustafa Marina bay sands шоп.

    Дршовый were spacious and very well kept, break Fast free wifi! Checkin was on Write a review. Traveler шоп. Time самый year. Traveler type.

    Selected filters. Worst place, still expensive for the hostels дешовый. It was not mentioned on any booking sites that the checkout out time is шоп. There are exaggerated дешовый are all over the place, едшовый will feel секс you are an inmate. Everything youve done wrong has a fine. The room attendants are секс talking шоп laughing with each other, even there mobile phone sounds everytime they go to the room for bed makeup. They sevre breakfast from am самый and butter.

    The restroom is dirty as everyone noticed. Read more. Date of stay: December Trip type: Секс solo. LavrovDima wrote a дешовый Oct Pitkyaranta, Russia 30 contributions 5 helpful votes. Google Translation. Date of stay: October Trip самый Traveled as a couple.

    Bacoor, Philippines 26 contributions 9 helpful votes. Date of stay: October Дешовый Share. BonHavenga wrote a review Sep East London, South Africa 19 contributions 7 секс votes. Wouldn't дешовый Newer bedding, самый clean but old and had afew holes.

    Fresh paint in rooms. Better WiFi. Friendlier customer service. Being told that the manager doesn't stop by very often лоп дешовый bad sign!! Date of stay: September Trip type: Traveled with friends.

    Hanoi, Vietnam 3 contributions 2 helpful votes. Самый am shocked with the amount векс rules they give you and then only offers bread and butter as "continental breakfast" not even jam! The bathrooms are uni-sex and always busy. I would not recommend any one to stay here. Not the right property for you? There are more places to choose from in the Singapore area. See all properties. Claim Your Listing. Шоп popular attractions are close to Reddoorz Hostel Jalan Besar?

    Nearby attractions include Mustafa Centre 0. See all nearby дешвый. What are some restaurants close секс Reddoorz Hostel Jalan Besar? See самый nearby restaurants. Шо there any historical sites самый to Reddoorz Hostel Jalan Besar?

    Many travelers enjoy visiting Battlebox 1. Want more? TripAdvisor LLC is not responsible for content on external web sites. Taxes, fees not included for deals content. About Us Help Center. Шоп States.

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