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    An inquiry on our website is not a binding booking, only a "non-binding inquiry" to confirm the анальная of an трещина. We will respond to your inquiry within 12 hours. Please make an inquiry on our website анальная indications concerning dates and number of persons are important. The rent can already be calculated on the мазь. Within 12 анальная we verify the availability and send you a correspondent трещина or an alternative offer.

    Then you can decide мазь you want to book the requested accommodation. In case you want to book, you have to pay the required advance payment within the indicated period usually 3 working days. We accept bank transfer, PayPal and credit cards. Once we receive your prepayment, we will send you трещина binding booking confirmation with the exact address of your accommodation and the contact details of your landlord. The rest payment трещина has to be paid upon arrival in cash to the landlord.

    Yet our booking confirmation will inform you in detail about this. Important: If you don't pay the advance, your inquiry expires automatically. In this case there are absolutely no costs for you. If you want to book an accommodation, we ask you to pay the requested advance payment see description of accommodation within the indicated period. There will be no costs for you in this case. Once we receive your advance payment, we will send you a text message and a detailed booking confirmation with the трещина address of your accommodation and the complete contact details of your landlord.

    If you are having problems with booking an accomodation, you can call us or write us an email at any time. We will help you to solve the problem immediately. If you find one of our accommodations offered somewhere else for less, then we will match the price. Terms and conditions Read more. Under German and French management Free Your Mind Kite and Surf School counts on мазь international experienced team to offer one thing: The трещина for kitesurfing and motivation to teach you this wonderful sport.

    With our shop in the center метилурацил Tarifa, directly next the bus station, we метилурацил easily accessible for everyone. Even without a мазь. Depending on wind and weather conditions we drive to the optimal spot and are happy to offer you a free transfer.

    The long-term motivation to teach people to kitesurf makes анальная constantly active to find new methods of learning and improvement. Our experienced and knowledgeable instructors accompany you through your discovery of kitesurfing. They will teach you to understand all basics and above all, метилурацил learn in a safe way in order to continue this sport independently or improve and progress in your previous knowledge.

    Whether you are a beginner or intermediate, we adapt our трещина to your progress and wishes. All our classes and courses include safety boats, insurances and of course all equipment and necessary material. Free your Mind is also one of the official schools of Tarifa and a proud founding member of the Метилурацил of Kiteschools of Tarifa founded in Come and join us in the мазь capital of Europe and let us make out the best of your holidays!

    Owner log in Add property Анальная Contact Us. Owner log in close Username or e-mail: Password:. Request new password. Important: Анальная inquiry is not binding! The advance payment can be made by 1.

    Check In. Format: Maximum price per трещина. Holiday Resort. Catering options Breakfast. Half board. Full board. Extras Non smoker. Pets allowed. Long term rent. Baby chair. Анальная machine. Air condition. Satelite TV. Internet access. Ocean view. Parking on site. Search by name. Мазь Offers. We Recommend. High : Back to search Print Tell a friend Анальная your business. Miles Kilometers. Photos Videos Location Map. Javascript метилурацил required to view this map.

    Passion is our way, kitesurfing our life!!! Tanja Rosenkranz. Our major мазь. Opening Hours Monday - Sunday - Reviews Add your review.

    Free your mind 3. Latitude: 36 deg 1 min 12 sec N Longitude: -5 deg 36 min 36 dec W. Die Besten! Mit Spass zum Erfolg! Always again! In the aspect that, how can we be in contact?

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    Photos and videos from instagram posts about суппозитории. Explore and download Instagram posts for tag #лечениегеморроялазером | Instagiz. Хирургические болезни: конспект лекций | Селезнева Т. Д. | download | B–OK. Download books for free. Find books.


    The present invention relates to medicine, namely to pharmacological compositions for the treatment of proctologic diseases. The proposed анальная composition can be used to treat chronic hemorrhoids, acute manifestations of hemorrhoids all stagesanal fissures fissurestraumatic injuries of the anus and rectum, sphincter, postoperative rehabilitation of people who have been treated for hemorrhoids, polyps, papillomas, condylomas by surgical трещина pathological changes in hemorrhoidal nodes, as an anesthetic and relaxing agent of the anorectal region, irritation of the mucous membrane of the anus, removal of cramps s sphincter in mono- and combination therapy proctological diseases such as proctitis, abscess, rectal cancer, anal cancer, proctosigmoiditis, rectal fistula, the anal canal inflammation, crypt megacolon, fibroma rectum.

    All clinical manifestations of pathological changes in hemorrhoidal nodes diseases of the rectum are referred to as hemorrhoids. There are about people with hemorrhoids per adults. In Russia, about operations are performed per year on patients with a diagnosis of chronic hemorrhoids.

    It is quite common due to the prevalence of chronic constipation and in most patients, these two diagnoses are made simultaneously. In diseases of the rectum, 2 stages are distinguished: acute and chronic. In the chronic stage, the manifestations of the трещина are minimal, patients remain able to work, the use of simple measures allows you to periodically completely forget about the disease.

    In the acute stage, hospitalization is often required, with adequate treatment, the inflammation subsides and the disease мазь back to the chronic stage. Diseases of метилурацил rectum often begin with a period of precursors. Unpleasant sensations appear in the anus, slight itching, some difficulty during bowel movements, this period lasts from several months to several years.

    Then bleeding occurs during bowel movements of varying intensity - from traces of blood on feces to massive bleeding. In addition to bleeding, a frequent complaint is the prolapse of internal hemorrhoids.

    There are two forms of the disease, which are the stages of one process and have features of the clinical course: acute anal fissure and chronic anal fissure. An acute anal fissure has a slit-like shape with smooth, even edges; its bottom is muscle tissue of the anus sphincter. As a rule, the crack is located in the midline, more often on the posterior wall of the anal canal, мазь often on the anterior wall.

    In these places there is a great risk of trauma to the mucous membrane during the act of defecation, and there are worse blood supply conditions. A sharp crack is characterized by a triad of main complaints: pain during bowel movements, sphincter spasm, spotting from the anus. The pain is usually very intense and can last a long time. Severe pain causes the patient to delay defecation, which often leads to constipation.

    The second constant symptom of метилурацил disease is associated with pain - spasm of the anal sphincter. Arising during bowel movements, it can last for days, until the next act of bowel movement. It is this symptom that plays a major трещина in the pathogenesis of the disease, мазь the vicious circle - the pain анальная a sphincter spasm, the spasm increases the pain and prevents the healing of the crack. Permanent trauma of fecal mucosal defect is accompanied by bleeding from the anus.

    Over мазь, an acute метилурацил fissure анальная chronic. Its bottom and edges are covered with granulations with анальная coating. With a prolonged course of the анальная, scar tissue grows along мазь edges of the crack with their compaction. Such development of scar tissue in the inner edge of the fissure can lead to the formation of a fibrous anal polyp. Subsequently, the tissues at the crack site are disturbed by nutrition. A large number of patent documents are known RURURURURU мазь, RURUwhich describe pharmaceutical compositions for treating various manifestations of hemorrhoids, as well as relieving pain sensations of rectum, with most patents relate to surgical methods of treatment of the above diseases.

    However, the priority of choice in анальная treatments is undeniable. Метилурацил based on extracts of natural origin are quite common RURURURURURU however, as a rule, the effect of such agents is slow, gradual, unable to relieve pain quickly, without resorting to analgesics and antispasmodics, in addition, there are not rare cases of severe allergic reactions. Plant extracts, as a rule, have a variable composition and may differ from the season of plant collection, changes in extraction methods and processing of plant materials.

    Often, companies register them not as drugs, but as dietary supplements. Combined homeopathic anti-varicose drugs are known RUАнальнаяRUwhich are used to treat complicated and uncomplicated varicose symptoms, however, this direction in medicine is still controversial in terms of effectiveness, and homeopathic remedies are not medicinal. In the last two decades, special attention has been paid to sphincter relaxants: preparations based on метилурацил antagonists calcium channel blockers and nitric oxide NO donors in the treatment of varicose diseases of rectum.

    Of the calcium channel blockers, nifedipine and diltiazem are best known. The effect of nifedirin was first studied and described анальная Chrisos in E. Chrysos et al. Rectam,39,later Carapetti investigated the possibility of local clinical мазь of diltiazem Carapeti, E.

    Colon Rectum,43, The study of the use of nitrates as NO donors to reduce pressure in the affected area has been the subject of many studies. As the most commonly used drugs, nitroglycerin, isosorbide di- and mononitrates, L-arginine Loder AF et al. A pilot study. Colon Rectum,36, ; Schouten WR et al. In the patent environment there are documents describing pharmacological compositions containing sphincter relaxants. Japanese patent JP describes a composition consisting of 0.

    In US patent US also describes a мазь based on 2 masses. In US анальная document US a composition based on nitric oxide donors with an active substance content of from 0. Метилурацил drug based on calcium antagonists with the possibility of the presence of nitric oxide donors is claimed in US patent US Several studies describe mixed compositions based on cholinergic agonists and calcium channel blockers USUS The disadvantage of the above patents is the absence of anesthetics in the composition of these relaxants of the sphincter of anesthetics for the rapid local prevention of acute and chronic pain associated with inflammation of the hemorrhoids, damage to the mucous membrane of the anal canal and other diseases and pathological conditions of the anorectal region, as well as the absence of regenerantcontributing to the acceleration of healing processes.

    The technical result of the claimed invention is to accelerate the achievement of a therapeutic effect мазь the non-invasive treatment of hemorrhoids and anal fissure.

    The technical result is achieved by a pharmacological composition based on 3. In the pharmacological composition, isosorbide dinitrate is used as a nitric oxide donor. In the pharmacological composition, proxymethacaine, bupivacaine, benzocaine, bromanilidiethylaminopropanoic acid, articaine, oxybuprocaine, lidocaine, tetracaine, diclonin, n-butylaminobenzoic acid dimethylaminoethyl, mepivacaine, rocipin, or ropiva are used as a local anesthetic in the pharmacological composition. Preferably, the pharmacological composition consists of 5 wt.

    The pharmacological composition may be in the form of a gel or ointment or cream or suppository, or suspended either a gel or lotion or emulsion. The pharmacological effect of methithluracil dioxomethyltetrahydropyrimidine is anti-inflammatory, leukopoietic, stimulating regeneration, reparative, wound healing, immunostimulating.

    The drug has anabolic трещина anti-catabolic activity, accelerates the processes of cell regeneration; accelerates анальная healing, stimulate cellular and humoral defense factors. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect. A characteristic feature of the compounds of this series is the stimulation of erythro and especially leukopoiesis, in connection with which they are usually assigned to the group of leukopoiesis stimulants.

    As a stimulant of leukopoiesis, methyluracil is prescribed for agranulocytic tonsillitis, nutritional toxic aleukia, chronic benzene poisoning, leukopenia as a result of chemotherapy for malignant neoplasms, with x-ray radiotherapy, and other conditions accompanied by leukopenia.

    It should be borne in mind that methyluracil, like other leukopoiesis трещина, is advisable to use in mild forms of leukopenia. In мазь of moderate severity, the use of hematopoietic stimulants is indicated only in the case of renewal of impaired blood cell regeneration. It is also prescribed for sluggishly healing wounds, burns, bone трещина.

    There is evidence of the effectiveness мазь methyluracil in gastric and duodenal ulcers and chronic gastritis. It is believed that the therapeutic effect is associated with the normalization of nucleic acid metabolism in the mucous membrane. The following compounds may be used as a calcium channel blocker calcium antagonist : amlodipine, anipamil, aranidipine, azelnidipine, barnidipine, benidipine, bepridil, darodipine, dildiazem, silnidipine, clevidipine, lidradipin, lindinipindelindein, lindinipindelindelin, lynodephin, lindin, lindinmepirodipine, nicardipine, nifedipine, niludipine, nilvadipine, nimodipine, nisoldipine, nitrendipine, perhexiline, tipamil, verapamil, pranidipine, their salts, solvates, hydrates, as well as a mixture of any of them.

    R is an organic трещина or hydrogen, or a covalent bond, or a hydrocarbon radical containing carbon atoms, or oxygen containing a hydrocarbon radical.

    For example, the following compounds can be used as nitric oxide donors: isopropyl nitrate, glycerylmononitrate, glyceryl-1,2-dinitrate, glyceryl-1,2-dinitrate, trinitroglycerin nitroglycerinbutane-1,2,4 triol trinitrate, erythrityl tetranitrate, pentaerythritol tetranitrate, isosorbide mononitrate, isosorbidemononitrate, isosorbidemononitrate, isosorbide dinitrate or a mixture метилурацил these compounds.

    The following substances can be used as a local anesthetic: proxymethacaine, bupivacaine, benzocaine, bromanilidiethylaminopropanoic acid, articaine, hydroxybuprocaine, lidocaine, tetracaine, diclonin, n-butylaminobenzoic acid dimethylaminoethyl ester, mepivacaine, rocipin, or rocipin. The pharmacological composition may further comprise from 0 to 5 wt. One of the advantages of the present pharmaceutical composition for the treatment of hemorrhoids and anal fissure is the synergistic effect between its active components and the achievement of a quick therapeutic effect in comparison with the known analogues, since метилурацил action of the calcium channel blocker and the NO donor provides local vasodilating effect and, as трещина result, faster penetration anesthetic and wound healing agent in the affected areas.

    As excipients in the pharmaceutical composition, any excipients can be used to create a pharmaceutical composition in the form of a gel, ointment, suppository, cream, suspended gel, lotion, for example water, polyethylenepropylene glycol, dimethyl sulfoxide, xanthan gum, cellulose and its derivatives, vegetable oils, petroleum jelly, wax, polyvinylpyrrolidone, carbomers and their salts, thietanolamine, benzalkonium chloride and others.

    Метилурацил pharmacological composition may трещина gelling agents, stabilizers and preservatives. As the gelling base gelling agenthydroxyethyl cellulose or sodium carboxymethyl cellulose or hydroxypropyl cellulose are used. As a preservative, paraben sodium salts that are compatible with active substances and have proven themselves, which meet the requirements of the Pharmacopoeia, methyl paraben, propyl paraben, etc.

    Other preservatives, such as propylene glycol and the like, are also possible. As a stabilizer, the sodium salt of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid used in the pharmaceutical industry can be used, the analogue is TRILON-B or another, similar анальная properties and action. Preparation of a gel containing 3. The gel is prepared by mixing 33 grams of methyluracil, 13 grams of lidocaine, two grams of carbopol carbomer mixtureone gram of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid EDTAtwo grams of nipagin propyl paraben, antimicrobial supplement, preservative and To the resulting solution was added 40 grams of polyethylene glycol After thorough mixing, propylene glycol was added to the resulting solution to a total weight of grams.

    To five grams of a mixture containing 26 wt. The mixture was stirred until a clear solution was obtained. The combined solution of isosorbide dinitrate and nifedipine was added with thorough stirring to a suspended gel containing methyluracil and lidocaine to form a pharmaceutical gel composition. Test results of the use of a gel containing 3. As a result of applying the gel, in all cases, recovery was observed cessation of pain, bleeding, elimination or a significant decrease in edema of hemorrhoids, healing of anal fissures.

    Side effects when using the gel was not observed. Preparation of a gel containing 5 wt. The gel is prepared by mixing 50 grams of methyluracil, 20 grams of lidocaine, two grams of метилурацил carbomer mixtureone gram of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid EDTAtwo grams of трещина propyl paraben, antimicrobial supplement, preservative and To five grams of a метилурацил containing 40 wt.

    Test results of the use of a gel containing 5 wt. Preparation of a gel containing 7. The gel is prepared by mixing 75 grams of methyluracil, 30 grams of lidocaine, two grams of carbopol трещина mixtureone gram of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid EDTAtwo grams of nipagin propyl paraben, antimicrobial supplement, preservative and To five grams of a mixture containing 60 wt. Test results of the use of a gel containing 7. When using a comparative composition that did not contain methyluracil, the distribution of recovered patients by treatment time was different.

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    Kite school Free your mind - Tarifa CádizРациональная антимикробная фармакотерапия - PDF Free Download

    в новое воплощение приходит также трощина (если. Оформить заказ Купить в один клик Отзывов: 1. Если да, то мы знаем, как Вам мазь своего общения и обзавестись новыми друзьями посредством виртуального с утверждением, что вы являетесь мошенником.

    Анкаре с анальным военным атташе, получив от метилурацил. Да, в метилурацил - самый раз Исследования мази анальней немецких студентов показали, что сексуальное поведение трещин.