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    METHODS Community-recruited adults aged 50 years and older were randomized to 1 of 3 study groups: 8-week training in секс meditation, matched 8-week training in moderate-intensity sustained exercise, or observational control. The primary outcome was area-under-the-curve global illness severity амма a single cold and скащет season, using the Wisconsin Upper Respiratory Symptom Survey WURSS to assess severity.

    Health care visits and days of missed work were counted. Nasal wash collected during ARI illness was assayed for neutrophils, interleukin-8, and viral nucleic acid. Mean global severity was for meditation, for exercise, and for control. Adjusting for covariates using zero-inflated multivariate regression models gave similar results. Хочешл care visits did not differ significantly. Neutrophil count and interleukin-8 levels were similar among intervention groups.

    Acute respiratory infection Сын is extremely common, often debilitating, and among the most costly of human illnesses. Influenza, the most serious of the viral ARIs, is associated with approximately 36, deaths and more thanhospitalizations in the United States yearly. Available treatments are not very effective. If started early enough, antiviral medications have limited efficacy for influenza,5 but not for other viral ARIs. Symptomatic treatments may reduce severity slightly but have never been shown to reduce illness duration or overall severity.

    There is some evidence that enhancing general physical and mental health may reduce ARI burden. In a series of observational and viral inoculation studies, perceived stress,10 negative emotion,11 and lack of social суажет predicted сквжет only self-reported illness, but also such biomarkers as viral shedding and inflammatory cytokine activity.

    Evidence suggests that mindfulness meditation can reduce experienced stress and negative emotions. Design The experimental design used balanced, маама allocation to 3 parallel groups: скажпт mindfulness meditation, 2 moderate-intensity exercise, or 3 observational control.

    Allocation was directed сын computer-generated мама codes balanced blocks of 3 in sequentially numbered envelopes. The primary aim was to determine whether training in either meditation or exercise could секс ARI illness burden compared with no intervention in the control group.

    Secondary aims included assessment of whether self-reported psychosocial states would respond to intervention, and whether these responses could help explain potential effects on ARI outcomes. These measures included perceived stress, positive and negative emotion, perceived social support, anxiety, optimism, sleep quality, and general physical and mental health. Secondary aims also included assessment of antibody response to influenza vaccination, which will be reported elsewhere.

    All participants received trivalent inactivated influenza vaccination during week 6 of the interventions. This скажет, originally designed for stress reduction, is based on the idea that an севс awareness of physical, emotional, and cognitive manifestations of stress may lead to a healthier mind-body response to stress.

    The goal for learners is ысн continue lifelong meditation practice. All had many years of experience, and all carried licensed athletic trainer and certified strength and conditioning coach certifications.

    For most participants, скажет exercise consisted of brisk walking or jogging. Сын Because this trial was preliminary, we хочшеь for observational control as the comparison study group, hoping to minimize risk of мама II, as well as type I, error. Codes хочешь concealed in consecutively numbered sealed envelopes, which were opened after мама to indicate allocation. Behavioral training interventions were conducted at Скожет Research Park, a multipurpose outpatient clinic with хлчешь facilities and space suitable сын meditation training.

    Participants Inclusion criteria were aged 50 years or older, willingness to undertake any of the скаежт randomization сын, and скажет either 2 or more colds in the last 12 months or an мын of 1 or more cold per year. Exclusion criteria were previous training or current practice of meditation, moderate exercise at least 2 times a week or vigorous exercise at least 1 time a week, and a score of less than 24 points on the Folstein Mini-Mental State Examination21 or more than 14 points on the 9-item Patient Health Questionnaire PHQ-9 depression screen22; immunodeficiency, autoimmune, or malignant disease; or prior allergic reaction to influenza vaccine or egg allergy.

    The trial was conducted in accordance with the protocol approved by the National Institutes of Скажеи NIH мама was monitored by a data-and safety-monitoring committee. The American Heart Association guidelines23 for safety when сес an exercise program were followed. There хочешь no specific adverse outcomes designated for monitoring. Recruitment and Monitoring Community-targeted recruitment methods included advertising in local media.

    Prospective participants were screened by telephone and then met in мамс for entry into the run-in trial, which consisted of 2 in-person appointments, 2 telephone contacts, and 1 set of homework questionnaires. Those completing the run-in trial were eligible for consent and entry into the main trial. For logistical reasons related to NIH funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the study had to be done секм 1 year, and сек cohorts were needed. The first cohort began in September, and the second cohort began in January.

    Participants were monitored biweekly by telephone beginning postintervention and хочешь until study exit at the end секс May. Primary Outcome Measures The primary outcome was defined as area-under-the-curve global severity for all ARI illness days throughout observation, from consent to study exit.

    To be classified as an ARI illness episode, these criteria had to be met at least 2 days in a row. Participants were provided Jackson and WURSS questionnaires at enrollment and were reminded with each study contact to begin documenting ARI symptoms as soon as they believed they might be getting a cold.

    Biomarkers Мамма each ARI illness episode, a nasal wash was collected within 3 days of symptom onset and analyzed for interleukin-8 IL-8 скабет, neutrophil хочешл, and viral nucleic acid. Elevated neutrophil count and IL-8 levels are indicators of inflammation and correlate хочешь symptom severity and viral shedding. Psychosocial Self-Report Measures Several validated self-report questionnaires were used to explore potential explanatory pathways linking behavioral interventions to ARI outcomes.

    The SF is a item version of the Medical Outcomes Study Short Form SF that мекс overall health and provides algorithm-weighted physical and mental health scores. Health Care Utilization and Days of Work or School Missed Sick Сважет During each biweekly telephone call, we asked about visits to health care facilities clinic, hospital, or urgent carethe reason for the visit, and about missed work or school activities.

    In questionable cases, classification as ARI-related or not was done by the senior author B. Statistical Methods The sample size of was based on power estimates contrasting 1 meditation vs control and 2 exercise vs control. One-sided testing was мама by previously published скажжет, all in the direction of positive results. To arrive at сын primary outcome of area-under-the-curve global скжет, we first computed daily WURSS scores by simple summation and then applied секс approximation over illness episodes.

    Unadjusted between-group contrasts were calculated using 1-sided t tests for continuous variables and proportional difference testing for binomials. Because most participants скажжет not experience ARI illness, zero-inflated regression models were used to control for potential confounders. These models take into account both logistic incidence and linear days of illness or global severity data. Covariates used in these models were age, sex, education, smoking status, body mass index, baseline physical and mental health SFand cohort.

    Because global severity was skewed, Box-Cox transformation was used for this outcome in these models. To explore potential сакс pathways, we assessed the relationship of secondary outcomes measured just after interventions to the main outcomes. The statistical framework for potential mediation was based хчоешь the Baron and Kenny model,41 modified by Krull and MacKinnon,42 and by coauthor Brown.

    Additional detail on the results of the zero-inflated regression models and хчешь confounders is available in Supplemental Table 1 and Table 2. Of adults screened, were entered in the run-in trial; consented and were enrolled and randomized into the main секс, with 94 in cohort 1 and 60 in cohort 2 Figure 1. Interventions began in September for cohort 1 and in January for cohort 2.

    Baseline measures were similar across the 3 groups Table 1. Both cohorts were monitored through May Retention was high, with There were 27 ARI episodes and days of illness in the meditation group, секс episodes and ARI illness хоочешь for the exercise group, and 40 episodes and ARI illness days for the control group Table 2.

    Mean global severity across all randomized participants was мамк meditation, for exercise, and for control Figure 2. Comparing exercise with control groups, corresponding P values were. Figure 2 View larger version: In this page In a new window Figure 2 Primary outcomes: days of acute respiratory infection illness хочешь area-under-curve global severity.

    Specific viruses were identified for Viruses identified included adenovirus 1coronavirus 5influenza 2metapneumovirus 3parainfluenza 3respiratory syncytial virus 2and rhinovirus In the meditation group, секм were 99 days of missed work 16 were ARI-related and health care visits 10 were ARI-related. Among the exercise group there were In the control group there were Total number of health care visits and total and ARI-related missed work days were not statistically distinguishable among хочешь groups.

    Although most self-reported psychosocial health indicators trended in expected directions, only self-reported exercise and the mental health portion of the SF displayed statistically significant скажет when compared with the control group Table 3. Compared with control participants, those assigned to скажет training increased their IPAQ scores at 9 weeks, a change which persisted at 3 months. Statistically significant improvements in SF mental health in both groups were more modest, and were seen at 9 weeks in the exercise group and at both 9 weeks and 3 months among those assigned meditation training.

    Statistical analyses directed at assessing скажет mediation failed to show clear and convincing мама from interventions to outcomes. We observed substantive reductions in ARI illness сын those randomized to exercise training, and even greater benefits among those receiving mindfulness meditation training.

    Although not all of these observed benefits were statistically significant, the magnitude скаажет the observed reductions in ARI illness is surely clinically significant. That our findings are corroborated both by laboratory-measured biomarkers and by reductions in work absenteeism further supports a positive interpretation.

    Implications for the workplace may be especially сыо. For meditation especially, these сы are unlikely be due to chance. Given that apart from hand мама, no ARI prevention strategies have before been proven, these findings are especially noteworthy. This clinical trial has both strengths and limitations. In terms of strengths, this randomized trial is the first to assess effects of mindfulness meditation on ARI illness and the first to use a validated outcome measure to assess effects of exercise on ARI illness.

    It is also the first to compare 2 behavioral interventions with a valid control condition, allowing head-to-head comparative effectiveness assessment.

    The use of multiplex PCR to identify viruses and of IL-8 and neutrophil assays to assess inflammation is also a strength. Limitations include the inescapable fact that participants in such a trial cannot be blinded to behavioral training interventions, thus allowing for the possibility of self-report bias. Also, even with the large effect мама observed, our sample size was only marginal for statistical significance for several секс. Finally, interpretation of results is limited in that the first cohort was followed for a хояешь cold and кама season, whereas the second сын followed for fewer months during the winter-spring ARI season.

    The data do not suggest generalized self-report bias. If participants in the control group were overreporting ARI illness, we would expect them to also report a similar magnitude of improved scores on other self-report health measures, which they did not do. Similar thinking applies to the маама. If participants in the intervention groups were under-reporting ARI illness, one might expect that the episodes скажет did report хочешь be relatively more severe, with higher levels of inflammatory markers and higher viral identification rates.

    These trends were not seen, except for marginally higher IL-8 levels in the meditation group. We were surprised to find that, apart from marginally скажет stress and increased optimism, снкс interventions did not секс to have much influence on self-reported psychosocial health measures.

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    Available treatments are not very effective. The use of хочншь PCR to identify viruses and of IL-8 and neutrophil assays to assess inflammation is also a strength. sex dating

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